Loft Conversions and Remodelling 

When you choose Luxe you choose an established and reputable North East Company, giving you full peace of mind that the guarantee you receive is a guarantee you can trust. Luxe do all the work from start to finish.

Luxury loft conversion service in the North East.

Are you reaching the point of needing additional space in your home but really do not want to move? Luxe have the perfect solution, providing your home is structured in the right way. Over half of the homes in the North East are appropriate to have a loft conversion done which will give you a cost effective additional room in your attic space. A large proportion of homeowners rarely use their loft space meaning you are potentially not maximising the space in your home. By adding some professionally installed windows, a fixed staircase and a secure flooring solution you can find yourself with an additional room in no time.

Our skilled tradesmen can work with you through the building regulation requirements and help you get the perfect addition to your home. If you require your loft conversion for an additional bedroom, office space, master bedroom with ensuite we are here to guide you through the entire process. Loft conversions are an extremely cost effective way of getting more out of your home and meaning you do not have to go through the added expense of moving. Getting the best results comes from using the best materials and combining this with the very best craftsmen.

Why choose Luxe for loft conversions in the North East?

With years of experience specialising in loft conversions in the North East, the Luxe team understand exactly what it takes to deliver the very best results. Skilled in all areas of building and roofing, loft conversions come easy to the Luxe team, who constantly strive for excellence and look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Should you be looking for a company that specialises in loft conversions in the North East, Luxe are here for you. We have expert knowledge, the right skills, an enormous amount of dedication, and the very best tools available that enable us to complete all jobs in a professional manner.


Not only are we passionate about producing the very best results for our clients in the North East, we genuinely care about delivering the highest level of satisfaction available.

When converting your loft space at your property in the North East, we will:
Maintain professional standards. Finish all work properly, without taking shortcuts. Make sure you are totally satisfied before we leave. Clean all the mess.