Garage Conversions and Remodelling 

When you choose Luxe you choose an established and reputable North East Company, giving you full peace of mind that the guarantee you receive is a guarantee you can trust. Luxe do all the work from start to finish.

Professional garage conversions in the North East.

Garage conversions are a fantastic way of getting additional living space in your home if you are not getting the most use of your garage. We have completed dozens of garage conversions where people have bought homes and do not have a need for a garage and would rather convert this into an additional room, be it a dining room, office or second living space. As the structure of the building remains intact the transformation from a garage to an additional room is not as large of a project as you may think. This can be a very cost effective solution to getting that extra needed space.

As with all of our services we use there very best materials and our tradesmen are highly skilled delivering you with the best end product available. From the insulating of your new fixed wall to the internal fixtures and fittings we are confident you will be extremely satisfied with your decision to have a garage conversion done by Luxe.

Why choose Luxe for garage conversions in the North East?

With years of experience specialising in garage conversions in the North East, the Luxe team understand exactly what it takes to deliver the very best results. Skilled in all areas of building and roofing, garage conversions come easy to the Luxe team, who constantly strive for excellence and look to achieve 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Should you be looking for a company that specialises in garage conversions in the North East, Luxe are here for you. We have expert knowledge, the right skills, an enormous amount of dedication, and the very best tools available that enable us to complete all jobs in a professional manner.


Not only are we passionate about producing the very best results for our clients in the North East, we genuinely care about delivering the highest level of satisfaction available.

When converting your garage at your property in the North East, we will: Maintain professional standards. Finish all work properly, without taking shortcuts. Make sure you are totally satisfied before we leave. Clean all the mess.